Lumes – Interactive LED Murals

Ok guys, we have to figure out how they did this. I’m thinking a thin wood veneer with LED panels similar to the ones we’ve been using lately (i.e. CSC Volcano), but I’m not sure how they achieved the interactive aspect. Any thoughts? This would be really cool to incorporate into the redesign of the large trade show booth or any number of things where we could sneak in an exciting and unexpected element. There’s a good opportunity to create AWESOME here.

Here is the dedicated page for this tech:

And here is the design firm’s page. Their other stuff is worth checking out as well.


2 thoughts on “Lumes – Interactive LED Murals

  1. Looks like a veneer probably applied to a milkplex. I would imagine the light source is more like our SMO Beguiloscope floor than the LED panels of CSC. interactivity could be using prox sensors behind the wood.

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