Iconic Visitor Created Paper Structures


This company specializes in creating simple geometric forms that visitors can assemble and combine into large integrated structures. Could apply to Maker, Engineering, Art, Physics content, among others, as well as special themed events (i.e. a riff on Cardboard City). They don’t seem to be exploiting the decoration aspect of such structures, which could add richness, originality and personalization to the work. They also produce a variety of small Maker style projects i.e. individual stools or lamps, that would seem to be nearly fool proof yet satisfying activities. Hat tip to Joseph for this one.

Here’s the company:


And a post on a recent installation:


A few pics from various projects below:







Methods & Materials – museum rigging

Came across this company recently. They specialize in complex rigging for museum installations. Looks like they can handle all manner of scenic and artifact / art based projects. Could be a key vendor for the right project.

From the installation of a large gallery or museum collection to the installation of a single, signature artwork in a lobby or plaza, Methods & Materials, Inc. has the expertise, experience and professionalism necessary to oversee all aspects of your installation – from communication with artists and architects to specification and fabrication of the installation hardware. Once the pieces are permanently installed, Methods & Materials, Inc. can provide the ongoing care that your collection deserves.





Interactive Pixel Wall

Google NYC has a new interactive wall using 5,880 arcade buttons as the interface and the result is pretty cool! The great thing is the open-source software is available for anyone to play with (and I think we should do that if we aren’t already). Check out the video and the link for the “anypixel.js” software below!

~ Chris

Lenses – Interactive Light & Sound

Woohoo, first post of the new year! I saw this exhibit and immediately thought it was something within our capabilities. I am very much a lover of music and sound and to blend that with endlessly variable light combinations I think makes for a fairly simple but very satisfying visitor experience. This type of thing could possibly even be built into our typical RGB color blending exhibit perhaps. Slick casework too!

– Chris




New Project – exhibit fabricator/installer in Brooklyn

Came across these guys at AAM. They seem cheerful and competent and eager to help. They have about 12 folks working at their wood and metal shops and have done a lot of fabrication & installation work in NYC. Could be a potential fabricator for scenic elements and structures and a strong assist on NYC based installations i.e. they would like to be your installation crew. I can imagine for some projects subbing out the “built-in” type scenic work and then just arriving with our drop in place interactive elements to finish out the job, for which they could provide labor as well.

I spoke with Patrick Barth, principal. They have been added to our vendor database.


New Project