Animal Lamps by LZF

Wood / fiber animal lamps. Pricey but could be an icon for high-end playroom or maker space.

KOI:   $54,000

Elephant:   $29,400

Fish:   $20,000


KOI Cut Sheet


Lamps Price Quote



ENESS – technology & art installations

Building on Mr. Toth’s find, it’s worth checking out some of the other elements in the ENESS portfolio. Investigating other firm’s work is a great way to inspire out own thinking about what’s possible. Here’s a few that caught my eye from the ENESS portfolio:

Humble Telescope

We’d probably execute this a little differently, but this idea has a lot of potential.


Light Seesaw

Love how they’ve blended physical motion with a visual / digital illustration of the motion. Poetic really. We should think of a way to us a similar technique in one of our moving elements.


LUMES Cabrini

This looks like an implementation of their OTS modules that Mr. Toth flagged. Not clear if it’s interactive, but certainly could be.


Interactive Pixel Wall

Google NYC has a new interactive wall using 5,880 arcade buttons as the interface and the result is pretty cool! The great thing is the open-source software is available for anyone to play with (and I think we should do that if we aren’t already). Check out the video and the link for the “anypixel.js” software below!

~ Chris

Lenses – Interactive Light & Sound

Woohoo, first post of the new year! I saw this exhibit and immediately thought it was something within our capabilities. I am very much a lover of music and sound and to blend that with endlessly variable light combinations I think makes for a fairly simple but very satisfying visitor experience. This type of thing could possibly even be built into our typical RGB color blending exhibit perhaps. Slick casework too!

– Chris




Projected Patterns Lantern

I’ve always loved this technique -use a single point source light within an enclosure to form a giant lantern that projects patterns into the space. The scale, simplicity and environmental nature of the effect are what make this piece work – one of those experiences that benefits from installation as a single, sculptural gesture. Wonder what potential there is for visitors to change the designs (colors? movement?) interactively and thus manipulate the patterns on the walls in real-time?

The back half of the video focuses on the final installation…

pattern projection 3 pattern projection 1 pattern projection 2

Laser cut wood panels – Lightwave Laser

We’re looking to use this company for some decorative elements on the CMOM Muslim Culture project. They can cut any pattern, up to 4′ x 8′ in size, in plywood or MDF. A .75″ thick 4′ x 8′ painted panel is about $1000. Smaller panels are far cheaper and they can do custom patterns based on our designs. The main benefit I see (other than cost) is the laser has no effective minimum radius like a CNC router bit would, so you can obtain very precise angles and cuts. Can imagine this production technique being a useful for all manner of backlit applications, screens, and decorative elements – Sean





Grey-Oaks-WEB-679_fs 32-5urban-oasis-flw-lightbox_panel-detail Janie-Kasarjian-Int_Bacara-Resort_SwGrille_LitPanel_1cropped_679_fs