Animal Lamps by LZF

Wood / fiber animal lamps. Pricey but could be an icon for high-end playroom or maker space.

KOI:   $54,000

Elephant:   $29,400

Fish:   $20,000


KOI Cut Sheet


Lamps Price Quote



Iconic Visitor Created Paper Structures


This company specializes in creating simple geometric forms that visitors can assemble and combine into large integrated structures. Could apply to Maker, Engineering, Art, Physics content, among others, as well as special themed events (i.e. a riff on Cardboard City). They don’t seem to be exploiting the decoration aspect of such structures, which could add richness, originality and personalization to the work. They also produce a variety of small Maker style projects i.e. individual stools or lamps, that would seem to be nearly fool proof yet satisfying activities. Hat tip to Joseph for this one.

Here’s the company:

And a post on a recent installation:

A few pics from various projects below:






Re:Work Furnishings

These guys just opened a small shop in Grandview. Could be an interesting resource for custom built furniture or objects that need that repurposed, found object look. I wouldn’t use them for exhibit cabinets but if you needed say, 10 stools for a Maker area that needed to look hand-made, or barn wood table tops to attach to pre-built metal  frames, these guys would probably be a good resource. – Sean

Picture 2015-07-04 at 8.52.31 AM


This company sells the kind of stuff we’d use as props as well as full out simple exhibits (magnetic ball walls, light tables, air labs). The quality looks OK from the photos, but would have to see it in person to confirm. The prices are very reasonable, we should look to try them out on an upcoming exhibit that has needs for these types of materials / devices – Sean.

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Acoustruments: Rethinking the Touch Screen

This is a really nice example of some of the outside the box thinking in terms of unique ways to touch, touch screens. Watch the video. It will make sense 🙂 I feel like this is the kinda stuff in the near future we could be doing to make touch screen media more interactive!

Cardboard Construction & Play Structures

Here’s a different take a on cardboard based play / creation area. The structures were created by architecture students and then set-up in a children’s play area for additional physical exploration, construction, creation, and decoration activities. I can imagine an ambitious Maker space where these types of structures can be made (with a little guidance) and contributed to a play area for use by other visitors. Something pretty great about visitors creating the construction materials / cliimbing structures that other visitors are using to build with or explore… and the “feel” of the resulting space is certainly less chaotic than some of the Cardboard city examples we’ve seen. – Sean