Water Resistant Wood

Keep seeing references to new(ish) wood products that use natural wood and an alternative process to pressure treating and produce a better performing material. This may be an option for outdoor structures or a water table experience where we’d like to clad a stainless or concrete basin with a more natural material or perhaps even build a table out of wood (was that Steve Langsdorf I just heard groaning?).

If the specs are true, this material is substantially better than pressure treated. Here’s two products that are getting a lot of press the last few years:



  • Swelling and shrinkage reduced by 75% or more
  • Lasting 50 years above ground, 25 years in ground/freshwater Class 1 durability, surpassing even teak
  • Virtually rot proof
  • 70 year minimum service life stated by TRADA




  • swelling and shrinkage reduced by 40-60%
  • outdoor life time warranty for 30 years
  • no additional treatment needed beyond normal cleaning
  • high resistance against fungi, rot and other wood destroying micro-organisms


– Sean


Iconic Visitor Created Paper Structures


This company specializes in creating simple geometric forms that visitors can assemble and combine into large integrated structures. Could apply to Maker, Engineering, Art, Physics content, among others, as well as special themed events (i.e. a riff on Cardboard City). They don’t seem to be exploiting the decoration aspect of such structures, which could add richness, originality and personalization to the work. They also produce a variety of small Maker style projects i.e. individual stools or lamps, that would seem to be nearly fool proof yet satisfying activities. Hat tip to Joseph for this one.

Here’s the company:


And a post on a recent installation:


A few pics from various projects below:






Thermoform Corian examples

I know I’m often the one casting a skeptical eye when corian is suggested as exhibit furniture material, but for project that can afford it, it’s certainly a useful material and this is a pretty good example of how to use it well. Shouldn’t underestimate the amount of finishing required though -it looks like those guys were sanding for days…

Here’s another example of a simpler thermoform element -probably best when experimenting with the technique to start with something small like this:

I wonder if there are any shops in town that have an oven if we wanted to try this technique on a future project as building the forms, it seems, would be pretty easy for us if we had access to an oven.

– Sean

The Human Face of Big Data

Was on the fence about posting this, but i really like it for many reasons.

1.) There are some great design in regards to information.

2.) Made me think of the way we are presenting some of the Speed info.

3.) Really interesting info about the digital age. A topic that seems to be relevant to people in our wheelhouse.


The Book/App is on $2.99 for ipad. SOld!