Animal Lamps by LZF

Wood / fiber animal lamps. Pricey but could be an icon for high-end playroom or maker space.

KOI:   $54,000

Elephant:   $29,400

Fish:   $20,000


KOI Cut Sheet


Lamps Price Quote



Lava Centre, Iceland

No major commentary here. This museum in Hvolsvollur, Iceland really looks cool! They appear to have done an amazing job of making this a very immersive experience with the moody atmosphere and really engaging their visitors. A very effective approach of blending tech exhibits, physical models, and environmental design.

Intro to Volcanology: In this room visitors can learn about all the different types of volcanoes and volcanic systems found in Iceland.

Site of Actual Volcanos: An immersive world showing the five different Volcanoes around Lava Centre.

The Fiery Heart of Iceland: An exhibit showing the size of the Mantle plume relative to Iceland. The reconstruction is in accordance with measurements done by scientists who measured the phenomena.

UCreate Digital Game Panel




Came across this software “play panel” in Gressco’s literature. Looks like they are rebranding a NunoErin product (the folks who invented the “sparkle bench”).

The 4 games included are pretty good considering the price: $4300 from Gressco. Perfect for a low-cost add to a children’s area that can’t pay for custom software. Comes in wall or table mount form factor.

Here’s the Gressco page -watch the video to see the games in action.

And the NunoErin link:




Iconic Visitor Created Paper Structures


This company specializes in creating simple geometric forms that visitors can assemble and combine into large integrated structures. Could apply to Maker, Engineering, Art, Physics content, among others, as well as special themed events (i.e. a riff on Cardboard City). They don’t seem to be exploiting the decoration aspect of such structures, which could add richness, originality and personalization to the work. They also produce a variety of small Maker style projects i.e. individual stools or lamps, that would seem to be nearly fool proof yet satisfying activities. Hat tip to Joseph for this one.

Here’s the company:

And a post on a recent installation:

A few pics from various projects below:






A Pointless Play Structure


I happened upon this play structure via the article below:

It’s a cool concept allowing open play without offering any real instruction or purpose, leaving kids to use their imaginations. There are no tasks to complete or content to absorb. Something like this could be a neat idea for a more art or object-focused museum as a kind of installation piece. The simple graphic patterns and wood construction add to the structure’s ambiguity, allowing it to be whatever the children playing on it want it to be.



This organization (and their award) is new to me. Seems like it’s the industry inventing an award to give itself for member publicity, but none-the-less, the projects are an interesting animal -large scale commissioned art pieces, some of which are interactive. As we play more and more in this field (think Speed Light Race, Dayton Dragon Flyer, CSC icons) helpful to see to see what types of projects are being funded. EventScape has several pieces in the list:

I gave the page a quick review. Here’s a few that caught my eye:

Water Lobby (we should steal this idea, watch the video, very simple, very effective)


Deep Web (an ambitious dance of lasers & moving sculpture)

Spannungsfeld (interesting conceptually)